Course Requests

The Course Requests Utility allows instructors (Leaders, Lecturers and admin support) to request a copy a course/organisation OR create a new course/organisation in Blackboard.

Instructors can:

  • Copy their course from a previous semester to a new semester version or request a new blank course with no content
  • Add an occurrence (stream, class, paper) or programme of students to an online course. If there are no occurrences added then students will not have access to the course. Occurrences and programmes are managed by lecturers and/or admin staff. If a new occurrence is created in Arion, that occurrence needs to be added otherwise students within that occurrence will not have access to the course
  • Add other staff members who should have access to a course. Staff that need to be removed are done at the same place.

Once an instructor has requested their Blackboard course, the request will generally take 12-24 hours to be processed. Once done the course will be listed on the home page of Blackboard under ‘My Current Courses’.

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