Blackboard Announcements

Working with Announcements

Announcements is notification system within a course in Blackboard where messages can be created and emailed out to all users. Use announcements to notify students about new information pertaining to the course. Consider using announcements to let students know:

  • When assignments are due
  • Changes in the syllabus
  • Corrections/clarifications of materials
  • Exam schedules

Note: All emails sent out of Blackboard are sent to student’s AUT email addresses. If students want to receive emails to personal email, a forward from their AUT mailbox has to be set up. Informatoin can be found at Student email – Forwarding Rules in Office 365 Outlook

What Announcements will a Student see?

The student will see firstly by default the Announcements that are less than a week old (or permanent). Announcements will be ordered on the Announcements Page from top to bottom, beginning with the permanent announcements and then the most recent ones.

If an announcement is placed permanently on the Announcements page, then every time students access the course they will see this announcement.

Announcements are displayed in the following order:

  1. Course announcements marked permanent
  2. Course announcements not marked as permanent

Within each block, they are displayed in reverse chronological order by the Display After date.

The way for an instructor to get a particular announcement to the top is to mark it as Permanent to give it the current date and time in the Display After field.
Arranging other “permanent” announcements then becomes a matter of setting appropriate Display After dates.

The same rules apply to non-permanent announcements, but it can be difficult to keep the two hierarchies straight, so some lecturers mark every announcement permanent and then control their order by the Display After date. (If you don’t want an old announcement to show any longer (but still keep it ready for next semester, I set a Display Until date that is in the past.)

If you submit an Announcement without setting a Display After date, it gets defaulted to the current date and time. One peculiarity is that you can also uncheck the Display After date, on an announcement that has been previously submitted, and that undated, permanent announcement will be displayed at the “very top” of the page.

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