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Discussion Boards is a space to hold online conversations in the form of posted messages. It can be used as a question and space or have student discuss various topics. Discussion boards can be subscribed to, allowing email notifications be sent on updates.

You can use a Discussion Board to have students post general questions and comments on any given topic. If a question is posted, any user is able to reply to it.


How to Access the Discussion Board

First part of the video shows how to create a link to discussion boards if one is not already created in course.

Points to note when creating a new forum:

  • Forum Settings
    • Subscribe
      • Allow users to either subscribe to the forum or individual threads within the forum. After user subscribes, they will get an email notification if there has been a change to the whole forum or to the thread they are interested in. It is not possible to automatically subscribe everyone.
    • Create and Edit
      • ‘Force Moderation of Posts’ mean ever anyone creates a thread or replies to a thread, it needs to be approved before it will visible to everyone.
    • Additional Options
      • ‘Allow Post Tagging’ enable users to categorise threads which then can be filtered with doing a forum ‘Collect’. If tagging is done then threads can be filter to show only those that those of a certain tag.
      • ‘Allow Members to Rate Posts’ allows have a rating of one to five stars. This could be used to signify good responses within a thread. Threads can be sorted based on rating when ‘Collect’ is used.

For detail information have a look at Blackboard Discussion Board.

How to Collect

For detailed information have a look at How to search Discussion Boards and collect posts.

How to overview student activities

Students activities in forums can be view within Performance dashboard. This will give an overview of posts each students have done into forums. To access this go to Control Panel->Evaluation->Performance Dashboard.

Clicking on the number in the Discussion Board column will show that student’s posts into forums. For detail information have a look at View Discussion Performance and Analytics.

How to create and use a moderated forum

When creating a forum tick the checkbox for “Force Moderation of Posts”. It is best to untick “Allow Members to Create New Threads”. The reason being the default view of a forum only shows published threads. Unless students click Display->Show All, a new thread in moderation or returned status will not be visible.

Note there is no indication of new threads/posts to moderate. Moderators will need to periodically check this.

To moderate a post:

Note that if a post is returned, only the author of that post is able to see it. Other students will not be able to see returned posts. For more detailed information have a look at Moderate Discussions.

How to rate posts and find top rated posts

When creating a forum tick the checkbox for “Allow Members to Rate Posts”.

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