How to collect, mark and return submissions with Blackboard Assignment

  1. Go to the Grade Centre of the relevant Blackboard site. Control Panel > Grad Centre > Full Grade Centre
    control panel
  2. At the top of the column for the assignment to be marked open the contextual menu (by clicking on the 2 downward pointing around to the right of the name of the assignment) and select ‘Assignment file download’.
  3. Either select individual student submissions by checking the box to the left of their name or select all student submissions by checking the box to the left of the username column.
  4. Click submit and then on the page that opens click on ‘Click here to continue’ and you will be prompted to save a zipped file of all the submissions. Click OK to save the zipped package to your desktop.
  5. Find the zipped package on the desktop of your PC and right-click on the folder. Select extract all. By default the extraction process should create another folder on your desktop with all of the unpackaged files. The unpackaged folder will contain a submission file for each student plus a text file for each student. The text file contains basic information about the student and their submission. The text file will also hold any comments the student entered into the comment box when they submitted the work. For the purposes of marking the text file can be largely ignored
    Note: each file is named after the name of the assignment (in this example Essay 1) followed by the username of the student.
  6. Now open each student submission from within the extracted folder in Word and use the Word Comment/track changes functionality to make corrections and give feedback. When you have marked all work you are ready to send marked copies of the work back to the student via the Grade Centre of the relevant Blackboard site.
  7. Go back to the Grade Centre of the relevant Blackboard site and click the drop down arrow to the right of the green exclamation mark like symbol in the column for the coursework concerned and in the row for the student whose work you wish to return. Select ‘View Grade Details’
  8. On the page that opens click on the ‘Grade Attempt’ button (bottom right of page).
  9. On the next page (the Grade Assignment page) there are 4 sections to complete (although some can be left blank if not needed).
    Section 3 of this page is the key one – here you enter the mark, any additional feedback not on the ‘marked-up’ script file and attach any files (the marked up script file from the downloaded folder on your desktop plus any other files e.g. a marking sheet).
  10. Complete section 3 of the Grade Assignment page. In the example below I have entered some generic feedback in the ‘Feedback to user’ box and I have attached 2 files (one the marked up copy of their work and marksheet used to grade the work).
    In section 4 of the Grade Assignment page you can include Grading notes that will only be seen by you and any other instructors on the course.
  11. When ready you can Submit the marks and feedback.
    you have the option to Save as a Draft or you can Click ‘Save and Next’ which will then automatically take you on to the Grade Assignment page for the next student in the list.

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