Tests, Surveys and Pools

Tests and Surveys

Tests and Surveys are a platform where various question types or pools of questions can be inserted. After being deployed, both Tests and Surveys will automatically create columns in the Grade Centre. The difference between Tests and Surveys is you are able to see what the participant of the Test has answered and then graded whereas you cannot see what has been answered and the participant is graded as complete or incomplete.

Tests are a good way to assess a student’s knowledge about a particular topic. Surveys would be used for students provide anonymous feedback. Pools of questions are good if questions are going to be re-used or if random questions are needed in a test.

When taking online tests, remind your students that it is best to take tests using a wired connection. Wireless connections are more prone to network issues. The stability of the signal depends on how long and how much bandwidth users draw, similar to 4G phone data connections.

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Instead of creating a test with the same questions. You can create pools of questions in which a test can pull questions from. Questions pulled from pools can be set questions or random questions. If a test uses random blocks of questions from a pool the test becomes dynamic. Questions can be added to the pool at any point and the test that pull from that pull will have more questions to pull from.

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