Assessment is a vital part of any curriculum. On Blackboard this is broken down into three main categories.

Tests, Surveys and Pools

Tests, surveys and pools provide a way for instructors to assess students online. This may be used as summative assessments or revision. Certain question types will automatically be graded. This gives immediate on student’s progress.

Blackboard Assignment

A place where students can submit an assignment to either by uploading a file or typing a written submission. Blackboard Assignments can be annotated (depending on file type) with Crocodoc. Blackboard assignments can also be check for plagiarism through SafeAssign.

Turnitin Assignment

Turnitin Assignments generate an originality report which check plagiarised against the Turnitin database for a submitted file. The originality report will give an overall percentage of how plagiarised the submitted document is then separate out where it find its sources. A Turnitin assignment could be used as formative assessment or as a learning tool.

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