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Turnitin assignments generate an originality report which check plagiarised against the Turnitin database for a submitted file. The originality report will give an overall percentage of how plagiarised the submitted document is then separate out where it find its sources. A Turnitin assignment could be used as formative assessment where one submission is final with only one Originality Report is generated or as a learning tool for the student. Using it as a learning tool allows students to check, amend their submission and repeat if necessary. Originality Reports are generated within a few minutes upon first submission however it could take up to 24 hours upon subsequent submissions.

The use of Turnitin is done through Blackboard at AUT. To add a Turnitin assignment in your course have a look at How to add a Turnitin Assignment.


Students submit to Turnitin in your Blackboard course. Turnitin has provided a student guide on how to submit to Turnitin. All submissions through Turnitin produces a digital receipt. We encourage digital receipts to be saved by students for proof of submission. If a student cannot upload their assignment through Turnitin an instructor can upload papers on student’s behalf.

Submission can be access either in the Grade Centre or Turnitin Assignment Inbox.

Here are the instructions:

Submit Turnitin-via-ipad.docx

Viewing Similarity Report

Detailed information can be found at https://guides.turnitin.com/ManualsandGuides/InstructorGuides/FeedbackStudio/TheSimilarityReport

It’s important to remember that the similarity index is a percentage of the papers matches to other sources. It is not an assessment of whether the paper includes plagiarised material. The similarity report is a tool for instructors to easily find matches or similar text within submitted work.

Originality reports can be printed or save as a PDF. Have a look at How to print a Turnitin Assignment.


Turnitin and Blackboard Grade Centre has provided various tools to support marking online. If you are interested in setting yourself up for online marking, please explore the various options first to make sure you have chosen the right tools to fit what you need. For details please refer to Online Marking.

Marking Turnitin assignments – offline – using an IOS device.

Turnitin allows you to mark assignments – offline – using either an iPad or iPhone.

Here are the instructions:

Marking Turnitin assignments via iPad 2018

You can also see the Turnitin guide, from the Turnitin website




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