Grade Turnitin Assignment in Grade Centre

Grade without rubric

You will be presented with the follow screen when accessing a Turnitin attempt in the Grade Centre


Assignment Information

  • Name
    • The name of the Turnitin Assignment.
  • Instructions
    • The instructions given for the Turnitin Assignment.
  • Clear Attempt
    • Click on the “Clear Attempt” button to clear the student’s attempt.

User’s Work

  • User’s Comments
    • This is the title of the submission.
  • User’s paper
    • Opens a Turnitin window to show the submission. This goes straight into the GradeMark area.
  • Originality Report
    • Opens the Originality Report for the submission.

Feedback to User

In the image above, the numbered area are represented in the My Grades for the student


  • Grade
    • A numeric value for the student.
  • Comments
    • Text comment for the student. Students view that at area 2 in the image above.
  • Attach local file
    • Files can be uploaded if text feedback does not meet the requirements. Students access file attachments in area 3 in the image above.
  • Currently Attached Files
    • Lists the files that are currently attached.

Instructor Notes

  • Notes
    • Text entered here do not appear for students and is visible to staff in the View Grade Detail page.
  • Attached local file
    • Files files can be uploaded but they will not be shown to students.
  • Currently Attached Files
    • Lists the files that are currently attached that are not visible to students

Grade using a rubric

To grade with a Blackboard rubric:

  1. Go to “View Grade Details” in the Grade Centre
  2. Click “Edit Grade”
  3. Click “View Rubric”
  4. The rubric pop up screen should open. Everything you can do in a Blackboard rubric (Grade Within Rubric Window) you can do here. If you want to give feedback to the student out of the rubric then we suggest following the grading without rubric section above.

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