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A Smart Views in the Grade Centre allows custom filters to be applied for given criteria. For example, you can filter students to a specific group or filter all students who have scored below 70 on their midterm exam etc. More than one smart view can be created and they can be added favourites which then can be easily accessed underneath the Full Grade Centre.

To access Smart Views, go to the Full Grade Centre, hover the cursor over ‘Manage’ and click ‘Smart Views’.


The next page shows you which Smart Views are currently in the course. Here you can edit or copy existing Smart Views, set Smart Views as favourites and create new Smart Views.

To set a Smart View to be a favourite
Click on the star for the Smart View in the ‘Add as Favourite’ column. Smart Views favourites appear underneath the Full Grade Centre.


To edit/copy a Smart View
Hover the cursor over the Smart View and then click on the down arrow that appears to the right and then click on ‘Edit’. This will show the criteria for the Smart View. If you want to copy the Smart View instead, click ‘Copy’.


To create new Smart View
Click on the the ‘Create Smart View’ button. Enter a name for the Smart View.

There are five different selection criteria for a Smart Views. These are:

  • Course Group
    • Filter the Grade Centre to show only show students based on the selected groups. Note that groups must be made before hand.
  • Performance
    • Filter the Grade Centre to show only students based on their performance on a grade in single column.
  • User
    • Filter the Grade Centre to show only selected (or all) students. This option is best used if you want to also filter which columns you want to show specifically for the selected students.
  • Category and Status
    • Filter the Grade Centre to show only students based on a list of criteria. This may maybe only show columns that are categorised as tests for group one.
  • Custom 
    • Filter the Grade Centre to show only students based on multiple criteria.

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