Download Grade Centre

The Grade Centre can be downloaded as an csv file or an xls file.

To Download Grades from Grade Centre

  1. Click on the Full Grade Centre link under Grade Centre in the Course Management menu.
  2. Click Download Grade Centre.
  3. Select Download.
  4. In Data, use the radio buttons to select the data to download.

    • Full Grade Centre – This option is commonly selected as a way to retain an archive of the Grade Centre.
    • Selected Column – This option can be used to compare student performance at the column level within a course or across sections of a course. This option may also be used to manually enter grades offline into a spreadsheet which can then be uploaded back into Grade Centre.
    • User Information Only – This option is recommended at the beginning of the term as a way to populate Blackboard specific data into an offline grading spreadsheet that will enable grades to be uploaded back into the Grade Centre.
  5. In Options,
    a. Use the radio buttons to select the file download format as either ‘Comma’ or ‘Tab’ delimited. Note, if the Instructor plans to view the downloaded file in Excel, the tab delimited option is recommended as it opens directly within Excel.
    b. Under ‘Include Hidden Information’, select Yes or No.
  6. In Save Location

    • Select ‘My Computer’.
    • Click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page to create the download file.
    • Click ‘Submit’ on the resulting page to acquire the file.

Do note instructors can open the file download in a spreadsheet program and edit it by adding columns and grades. However, if the goal is to upload the file back into the Grade Centre it is imperative that none of the student and system data within the spreadsheet be changed.

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